UnInk Tattoo Removal

Has Closed Its Doors. Skintastic Can Help.


About Tattoo Removal

Out of 45 million individuals with at least one tattoo, studies indicate that over 17% regret their decision. With tattoo removal procedures increasing at a rate of over 32% from 2011-2012, a study by the Patients Guide highlights the ease and accessibility of removing unwanted tattoos.

Tattoo Removal Laser Saves Time and Less Visits

The fastest and most effective laser available – ONLY at Skintastic.

Everyone Has Their Own Story

You made the choice to get a tattoo – now you’re considering removing it. Everyone has their own, personal reasons for making a change like this. Maybe it’s a change of lifestyle, or a new career that is prompting you to look into removal options. According to a recent study on CareerBuilder.com, tattoos may hurt your ability to be hired by 31%. Or maybe it’s just that you no longer like the look of the tattoo. Whatever your story for getting your tattoo removed, Skintastic has the technology to help you reach your goal faster, with less discomfort.

Our Tattoo Removal Laser is very effective in removing all ink colors. It is the most powerful laser on the market today. It can remove tattoos in less time than any other laser with minimal damage to the skin surface.

Our revolutionary tattoo removal is the most effective by our certified technicians and state of the art equipment that can’t be found anywhere else in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer pain-free, affordable treatments for every skin type. By specializing exclusively in tattoo removal, our technicians are trained and certified on every aspect of advanced one of a kind equipment. We recognize that every tattoo is as unique as you are and we pride ourselves on customized treatments for each patient. There are only a handful of these amazing machines nationwide and Skintastic has it.