UnInk Tattoo Removal

Has Closed Its Doors. Skintastic Can Help.


Treatment Options

Professional Tattoos:

Professional tattoos are done with an ink gun in a tattoo shop. However, some “at home” tattoos done by an amateur artist with an ink gun can also qualify as professional due to the ink depth in the skin.

The average black ink professional tattoo will require 8 to 10 treatments for full removal on a Q-Switch laser with colors can requiring up to 6 additional treatments.  The PicoSure laser removes most tattoos in 4-6 treatments.  Note* Red ink currently can only be treated with a Q-Switch laser.  Skintastic offers both laser options for the most complete laser removal.  By taking into consideration factors such as skin type, location of tattoo, amount of ink, color of ink and age of the tattoo, we can fairly accurately estimate the number of treatments required for full removal. However, with over 100 tattoo inks on the market and no FDA regulation of their contents, an exact estimate for every tattoo is nearly impossible.

Amateur Tattoos:

Frequently, amateur tattoos are done as juveniles or in prison. Amateur tattoos take on average 3 to 5 treatments to fully remove on a Q-Switch laser and 1-3 treatments on the PicoSure laser. They are typically more superficial and have much less ink, making removal time much shorter than a professional tattoo. Amateur tattoos can take all forms including pen ink, Indian ink, lead, you name it someone has probably tried it–and we have treated it! With the variation of different inks some tattoos may require more treatments than others. Amateur tattoos done with a tattoo gun by an inexperienced individual still have the ability to reach deeper into your skin and may require as many treatments as a professional tattoo.

Permanent Makeup:

Skintastic does not treat permanent make-up.

Cover Up:

Interested in covering up an existing tattoo with a new one? Lighter tattoos are much easier to conceal and allow for more options in the design of your new tattoo. Laser removal will not affect your ability to get tattooed in the same area in fact most tattoo artists encourage tattoo lightening before proceeding with the cover up process. Desired fading results typically occur in 1 to 3 treatments!